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The Global Improvisation Initiative (GII) was launched in 2016 to support an ongoing, international exploration of the art and impact of improvisation -- appreciating the rich history and diversity of our field -- and to promote the evolution and advancement of theatrical improvisation for future generations.


The inaugural GII Symposium 2017 took place at both University of California at Irvine and Chapman University. The GII Symposium 2019 took place in London, UK, and was co-hosted by Middlesex University and Improbable theatre company. The 2021 GII Symposium, in partnership again with Improbable and UC Irvine's Improv Revolution Coup de Comedy Festival, took place online with transnational programming with over 600 international participants. In 2023, we continue the tradition with an Exploration: Evolution of Improvisation both at UC Irvine and online. 


Visit our Archive for highlights and photos from previous symposiums.


GII 2019 Highlight Reel

GII Symposium 2017

More photos here

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