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Rebecca Northan (Canada): Rebecca is a professional actor, director, playwright and improviser. She began her improv training at the Loose Moose Theatre Company in 1988. She is the creator of the hit-show, Blind Date (co-produced with Broadway producer Kevin McCollum), which has played across Canada, the US, and the West-end of London. Rebecca's company, Spontaneous Theatre, is also responsible for: Legend Has It, a fantasy-adventure where an audience member saves the world, which premiered at Alberta Theatre Projects' Playwrights Festival in 2016, and then went on to have its US premier at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, as well as two shows in development, An Undiscovered Shakespeare (with the Stratford Festival of Canada), and Undercover (with Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, and Vertigo Theatre in Calgary). Rebecca has been teaching improvisation for 20 years, and is in the process of establishing an improv ensemble in Toronto (

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