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Improbable is led by Phelim McDermott and Lee Simpson, and uses improvisation to create spectacular shows, support and nurture artists and the arts sector, and facilitate social change. Improbable believes that

art is for everyone and that our society needs a cultural shift that puts creativity at the heart of everyday life. 

The company creates an astonishing breadth of work, from small-scale improvised shows (like Animo and The Still) to enormous outdoor spectacles (like Sticky), modern operas (like Satyagraha and Akhnaten) to devised studio pieces (like Opening Skinner’s Box), and takes this work around the UK and often the world. Alongside this, Improbable's Devoted & Disgruntled programme brings the arts community together to identify and work on shared issues; and its Participation programme takes improvisation to people and communities who have had little contact with the arts before. Improbable is currently developing an International Institute of Improvisation - the iii! - that serves as a hub for improvisational practice across the world, and furthers the development of improvisation as a tool for artistic and social engagement. Improbable was founded in 1996 and is based in London.


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