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Creative Team

(in alphabetical order)
Anna Crisp.png


Anna is Improbable's Fundraising Officer. Before joining Improbable in 2018, she worked in research, development, and learning and participation for arts organisations including Turner Contemporary, Garsington Opera and...



Dr. Josephine Machon is an Associate Professor and programme leader for MA Theatre Arts at Middlesex. She is a writer and practitioner in contemporary performance and a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy. Prior to joining Middlesex...

Ben Monks.png


Ben has been Executive Director of Improbable since 2016. Before that he was the co-founder of theatre company Supporting Wall, and for them produced the Olivier Award-winning production of Mike Bartlett's BULL with the Young Vic and...



Nicola Stammers is Director of Programmes for Theatre Arts at Middlesex.

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JV & Theresa.fw.png


Theresa Robbins Dudeck, Ph.D. (Co-founder of GII), is an improvisation trainer, facilitator and speaker, as well as a theatre scholar-artist. Theresa is considered one of the foremost practitioners of the work of impro theatre pioneer Keith Johnstone....

Phelim McDermott.png


Phelim is the co-founder and an Artistic Director of Improbable. He has been performing and making Improvised shows since 1985 when he first worked with Keith Johnstone. Since then as a director he has been working on getting Improvisers to be theatrical...

Lee Simpson.png


Lee is the co-founder and an Artistic Director of Improbable. He is a Comedy Store Player and one of Paul Merton's Impro Chums. He's also been a croupier, cinema projectionist and breakfast show DJ. He's written plays, appeared in sit-coms and some films...

Joel Veenstra headshot.jpg


Joel Veenstra, M.F.A. (Co-founder of GII), teaches improvisation, stage management, and production at the University of California, Irvine. He promotes the intraconnection of all of these areas in his work as well as in life itself...

Creative Producers
Emma Attwell, Intern at Improbable
Olivia Coxhead, Producer at Improbable
Rupert Tookey, MA Arts Management student, Middlesex
Jeremy Wong, Operations and Finance Officer at Improbable
Symposium 2019 Steering Committee
Sam Beale, Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts, Middlesex

Chris Bannerman, Professor of Dance, Middlesex

Zuleika Beaven, Senior Lecturer in Arts Management, Middlesex

Sarah Grange (U.K.), Research Associate at Improbable

Nick Herrett, Associate Professor in Theatre Arts, Middlesex

Ola Johansson, Associate Professor in Contemporary Performance, Middlesex

Maxie Lankalingam, graduate student, Zurich University of the Arts

Daniel and Kari Knutson-Bradac, of YesAnd Conspiracy

Gabe Mercado, founder/executive director Third World Improv

Vida Midgelow, Professor in Contemporary Dance, Middlesex

Tansy Spinks, Improviser and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Middlesex

Patti Stiles, co-artistic director Impro Melbourne, international teacher of impro

Koray Bülent Tarhan, founder of Istanbulimpro

Robert Vesty, Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts, Middlesex

Yan Wang, doctoral candidate, Chapman University

Symposium 2019 Wider Advisory Committee
Maxine Doyle, International Choreographer, Associate Director and Choreographer for Punchdrunk

Benjamin Dwyer, Professor in Music, Middlesex

Samantha Holdsworth, of Nimble Fish and Clowns without Borders

Jonathan Impett, of the Orpheus Institute and Associate Professor in Music at Middlesex

Alison Jeffers, Researcher/Scholar in Cultural Democracy and Applied Theatre, University of Manchester  

Eve Katsouraki, Researcher and Scholar, performance philosophy and politics

Rosemary Lee, Choreographer and ResCen Artist

Christer Lundahl and Martina Seitl, Artistic Directors of Lundahl & Seitl

Tassos Stevens, Joint CEO and Artistic Director of Coney

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