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Moriah Flagler is an MFA Candidate in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities at The University of Texas at Austin.  Before moving to Austin, Moriah spent two years teaching English as a second language in Quepos, Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica, she began an improvisational theatre troupe for adolescents that toured and led community workshops, exposing many people to improvisational theatre for the first time. Moriah has been improvising since 2000 when she helped form a short form troupe at her high school. She was a member of Not Burnt Out, Just Unscrewed in Tucson for many years and is currently taking classes with ColdTowne Theatre in Austin.  Moriah’s research interests include the use of drama-based pedagogy with emergent bilingual youth, devising and storytelling as opportunities for youth agency, and professional development practices that encourage dramatic inquiry as ethical education.

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