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Koray Bülent Tarhan (Turkey): Koray is one of the founders of the first improv group in Turkey ( formed in 2000 and author of the first handbook on improv in Turkish, Dogaclama Icin Elkitabi (2013).  Koray works as an actor, musician, and project coordinator at Istanbulimpro and also applies improvisation in business, education, and social projects.  He works with children, teenagers, and adults in different foundations and organizations.  Koray authors, is the coordinator of Istanbul International Improv Festival, and a member of the Applied Improvisation Network (since 2009) which has invited him to present and/or lead workshops at several international conferences.  He has also participated as an actor and workshop leader for improv festivals in Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Beijing, and Ljubliajana.  Koray is a graduate from Ankara University Theater Department (2001).

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