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Hervé Charton, Ph.D., is a French theater artist, actor, who also directs, writes and teaches. He co-founded the LACSE (trans. creative, friendly, and committed actors laboratory) in Lyon where improvisation is used to deal with political and social issues, with specific audiences, in places such as prisons, high schools, reception centers for asylum seekers, etc. He also leads the theater company Théâtre Persistant ( In 2013 Hervé defended his dissertation at the Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3 on Alain Knapp and Theatrical free-improvisation. This pioneering work — since improvisation is barely an academic topic in France — has elevated Hervé to the level of improv specialist in LHexagone. The publication of his work is forthcoming (Classiques Garnier). Hervé has taught acting, improvisation, and theatre studies in Paris and Lyon and, since 2015, he has increasingly worked more closely with the Physical Theater Academy Dimitri, Switzerland.

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